Shiraz Shariff claimed the Alberta Progressive Conservative nomination for Calgary West in the first vote, but that win was later overturned. (CBC)

The Alberta PC party will hold a second nomination vote in the riding of Calgary West.

In the first vote, Shiraz Shariff won the Progressive Conservative nomination but party officials overturned the win after concerns were raised that not all voters were eligible.

Kelly Charlebois, PC Association of Alberta interim executive director, says stricter controls will be in place for the second vote.

Voters will be asked to prove they are eligible to vote — at least 16 years of age, a resident of Alberta and a Canadian citizen.

"We are also going to ask people to sign a form that we basically call a declaration. We use it during the leadership process but don't tend to use it during the nomination process. Some ridings have. Calgary West did not. That is one difference we will be doing this time."

Shariff says he’s not happy with the decision to hold a new vote.

"Well, it’s not my preferred choice of outcome."

Shariff’s win last month was nullified following complaints about voting irregularities.

The party then asked the riding association to submit a list of potential candidates from which the party leader would choose.

Instead, the riding association decided it wants another nomination vote.

The vote will be held March 3 with the four candidates from the first ballot: Shariff, Allan Ryan, Mike Ellis and former health board chair Ken Hughes.