A 71-year-old man was found dead and his wife and another woman were rescued after their vehicle got stuck in heavy snow on a backcountry road in southern Alberta.

Highway 40, Crowsnest Pass, Alberta

RCMP had been advised of three overdue travellers in the area from Granum, Alta. — a 71-year-old man, his 69-year-old wife and another 66-year-old woman.

The group had been travelling in a vehicle roughly seven kilometres north of Crowsnest Pass on Kananaskis Road, which is also known as Kananaskis Trail or Highway 40, when it got stuck Sunday.

The 71-year-old man decided to go get help that afternoon. He was found the next day roughly 15 kilometres from the vehicle — about six kilometres away from where he could get help — by two off-duty firefighters who were snowmobiling in the area.

Sgt. Keith Bott said it was amazing the man made it as far as he did because he was not dressed properly for winter weather.

When RCMP arrived at the scene where the man's body was found on Monday they searched further north on Kananaskis Road and found two women hiking. Their vehicle was found further down the road.

The women, who spent Sunday night stranded on the road, told RCMP they decided to leave the vehicle Monday morning after the man did not return.

"They were on a Sunday afternoon drive that went bad," said Bott.

The women were transported to safety by RCMP with the assistance of Crowsnest Pass Rescue and are now recovering.