Alberta lake polluted by oil reopens for long weekend

A man-made reservoir that had to be cleaned up after a pipeline leak in central Alberta is to open in time for the long weekend.
The Alberta government says environmental monitoring results indicate Gleniffer Lake is within human health and environmental standards and once again safe to use. (Plains Midstream Canada)

A man-made reservoir that had to be cleaned up after a pipeline leak in central Alberta is to open in time for the long weekend.

Environment officials say water quality test results are within provincial standards at Gleniffer Lake near Sundre.

The province had advised people not to fish or swim in the water after a leak from a pipeline earlier this month released oil into the lake through the Red Deer River.

Officials say cleanup of the lake and shoreline by pipeline owner Plains Midstream Canada has been successful and oil is no longer being detected.

However, the far southwest corner near Dickson Point remains closed to the public.

The lake also provides drinking water for several communities, including the city of Red Deer.

Cleanup along the shores of the river up to the point of the leak is still going on.

People with homes on Gleniffer Lake have voiced concern about the environmental effects of the spill, and businesses say they have already seen fewer customers since as much as 475,000 litres of oil escaped from the pipeline June 7.

Company vice-president Stephen Bart has said compensation will be available to landowners, but hasn't provided details.

A class-action lawsuit has been filed over the spill.