Down and out Calgarians will once again have a newspaper made by them, for them, to sell on Calgary streets.

Edmonton's inner-city street newspaper, renamed Alberta Street News, has added four pages of Calgary content and is now available for sale here.

The Calgary Street Talk newspaper folded last summer, leaving the Edmonton paper as the only one of its kind in Alberta. Steet Talk cited competition from free daily papers as one reason for their demise.

Linda Dumont, the managing editor and founder of Alberta Street News, said the expansion is an opportunity for Calgary vendors to make some cash.

"People are self employed they buy the papers for 50 cents a copy and then they go out and sell them on the street," said Dumont.

"They choose their own location, they choose how many papers they are going to sell, they choose what hours they are going to work and then they make as much money as they are able to."