A farmyard sits under water after flooding in Irvine, Alta., in late June. ((Jeff McIntosh/Canadian Press))

Alberta is providing $203.5 million to help people, businesses and municipalities in the southern part of the province recover from recent flooding and severe weather.

Torrential rain and flooding hit southern Alberta to the Saskatchewan border last month, washing out highways and deluging homes.

The $200-million Southern Alberta Disaster Recovery Program will cover damage incurred June 15-21 that's not reimbursed by insurance companies, the province announced Tuesday. The program will also help municipalities with emergency costs.

Disaster relief

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A second disaster program worth $3.5 million was also revealed Tuesday to help Albertans who were victims of flooding from snow melt and rain April 13 to May 31.

Three spring storms that brought high winds and heavy snow hit ranchers in Cardston County particularly hard, killing up to 15 per cent of their cattle herds.

Registration centres will open in southern Alberta starting on Wednesday to process claims.