A report outlining how the Alberta government can better respond to large scale natural disasters — like the devastating flooding in 2013 — has been mostly accepted by the provincial government.

The government says it is acting upon 15 of the 16 recommendations but have accepted pre-qualifying vendors in principle only.

The June flooding caused damage in excess of $5 billion, required the evacuation of more than 125,000 residents and claimed the lives of five Albertans.

The report by Calgary-based MNP LLP outlines 16 ways the province could better approach disasters of this scale.

Those recommendations cover areas like updating the Alberta Emergency Plan, implementing an emergency social services framework, updating the Disaster Recovery Program (DRP), supporting mental and physical health initiatives for government employees and creating a provincial operations centre to better co-ordinate emergency services.

The Progressive Conservative government at the time was slammed for the fragmented way the Disaster Recovery Program was rolled out, with critics at the time calling for greater accountability and transparency.