The Alberta government says it has spent more than $191 million to help rebuild flood-affected communities since last June’s disaster.

The province released its latest statistics on Friday.

To date the province says it has:

  • Distributed nearly $70 million in immediate support as preloaded debit cards or cheques to more than 56,000 Albertans forced from their homes.
  • Committed $216 million in Flood Recovery Erosion Control grants to rebuild and reinforce river banks, with 160 projects approved worth over $200 million.
  • Approved $600 million for mitigation projects between 2014 and 2017, including $325 million for community-level mitigation.
  • Paid out $71.5 million in Disaster Recovery Program (DRP) funding.
  • Entered into agreements worth $81 million with 77 homeowners to purchase their floodway properties as part of a relocation program. (The deadline to express interest has been extended to August 30).
  • Repaired and reopened 909 out of 985 kilometres of roads closed because of flood damage.
  • Committed more than $100 million over three years for flood mitigation projects for the province’s most vulnerable transportation infrastructure.
  • Invested $25 million to support mental health initiatives for flood-impacted Albertans.
  • Reopened all but two of 80 schools (Elbow Park in Calgary and Holy Spirit Academy in High River) impacted by the flooding.
  • Earmarked $20 million for flood mitigation for eight schools in High River in Calgary.
  • Allotted $81 million to restore damaged recreation trails, day use areas and campgrounds in provincial parks and to reduce the risk of future flood damage.