Alberta Finance Minister Doug Horner told a crowd in Calgary Monday there will be no tax hikes in this year's budget to be delivered on March 7.

But the minister did not rule out the possibility of tax increases in the future.

Political scientist Lori Williams says the provincial government faces some difficult choices.

"This sort of deeply entrenched resistance to increasing taxes in Alberta has made it difficult to run things differently," said Williams.

She says the province will have to provide less in services or generate more money from some other source.

Finance Minister Doug Horner was in Calgary to discuss a report titled Dollars and Sense.

The report comes after extensive consultation with the public and says Albertans want a more diverse provincial economy that is less reliant on oil and gas revenues.

Most people also want more spending on infrastructure in the province, according to the report.

Borrowing money

Horner said Monday the government would likely borrow money to keep up with infrastructure projects.

Wildrose finance critic Rob Anderson says that is not the answer.

"Borrowing for politicians is heroin, once is never enough."

Anderson says politicians rely on borrowing when they don't have proper fiscal management in place.

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