A Red Deer, Alta., dentist has paid $10,000 for one of the King's crowns.

The monarch in question is the late, great King of Rock and Roll — Elvis Presley — and the crown is one he wore on a tooth.


Elvis Presley's dental crown. (Canadian Press)

The dentist who bought it — Michael Zuk — earlier paid $31,000 for a rotten tooth that once festered in John Lennon's mouth.

The Presley crown came to Zuk by way of an auction in the United Kingdom.

It was sold by Memphis dentist Henry Weiss, who made a number of crowns for Presley because The King would often chip his super-star choppers on microphones.

Zuk has other celebrity memorabilia — including a piece of a Presley scarf and a lock of his hair, along with some strands of Marilyn Monroe's golden locks.

He jokes that his waiting room is more like a Hard Rock Cafe than a dentist's office, but says it's good for business.