An online petition has been launched urging the province to help alleviate traffic headaches at a busy Bragg Creek intersection.

One local business owner says at peak times, some drivers are so frustrated, they motor right by instead of stopping to enjoy what the town has to offer.

There's also the occasional confrontation.

"What I see on those weekends is drivers that are confused, a lot of them are frustrated, there's occasions of road rage, yelling, screaming," said Bob Cook, owner of Branded Visuals, which overlooks the intersection of Highway 22 — known as Cowboy Trail — and White Avenue in the town just west of Calgary.

Vehicles are often lined up in all directions trying to get through the four-way stop.

Stephanie Smith from Calgary admits she hates the intersection.

"I'm nervous as hell every time I do come up to this intersection," she said. "Confusion, absolute confusion."

Bob Cook Bragg Creek intersection

Bob Cook says he often sees drivers get upset at the long wait to get through a four-way stop in the town, which can lead to confrontations. (Terri Trembath/CBC)

Cook said it's that kind of reaction that makes him nervous

"Sometimes on the news you hear different stations might say, you know, avoid Bragg Creek because the intersection is backed up forever," he said.

"Well what do people do, they avoid Bragg Creek. As business owners, we don't want people to avoid Bragg Creek for any reason whatsoever."

The petition wants the province to consider replacing the intersection with a roundabout, something recommended in a 2012 intersection improvement study.

So far, more than 400 people have signed it.

With files from Terri Trembath