Health Canada issued a warning Tuesday about unauthorized products known as 'poppers' being sold as a sexual enhancement, weight loss or workout aids at stores across the country.

The warning says the products are labelled as having been "assessed for effectiveness and quality" when in reality, they have not passed inspection and could include extra ingredients, including prescription drugs at doses exceeding the recommended daily limit.

Some of those prescription drugs include Sildenafil, Tadalafil and Vardenafil, which are used to treat erectile dysfunction; Zopiclone, which is used to treat insomnia; and Yohimbine, which can cause an adverse reaction in people with high blood pressure or heart, liver or kidney disease.

"Prescription drugs should be taken only under the supervision of a health professional because they may cause serious side effects," reads the warning.

"Using a product that contains ingredients that the consumer is not aware of increases the chance of dangerous allergies and interactions with other medications and foods."

Some of the products are pills, while others are 'poppers' — small vials of liquid of which the fumes are inhaled. 

The products were seized from several retail stores, including an adult shop in Calgary, a supplement store in Kelowna, B.C. and convenience stores in Woodbridge, Kitchener and Waterloo, Ont.

They were packaged under names like Black Panther Gold, Rush, Titanium 4000, 7K and others with sexual innuendo.

Anyone who purchased the products is advised to stop using them and talk to a health care professional if they have any concerns.