Jeff and Jeri Hamilton of Tallahassee, Fla., have tracked down the "Alberta angels" who stopped to help them on a Wyoming highway after a horrific motorcycle crash. The only thing is, the angels are from Kelowna, B.C.

The Hamiltons found Craig Monley and Elayne Methot through Facebook connections.

The two couples first met when the Hamiltons' motorcycle blew a rear tire in August 2015. The ensuing crash, witnessed by Methot and Monley, who were behind the Hamiltons in a motorhome, left the Floridians with serious injuries. 

"They were just so helpful," said Jeri of the B.C. couple. "They stopped traffic, got cold towels to put on an open wound on my arm, they put umbrellas over us, gave us water because it was 95 degrees, it was hot."

The hunt for the "angels" picked up speed once it started to spread on social media. 

"Somebody posted, their friend posted and this other person picked it up, and one of their friends said 'I know those people and they're not on Facebook, but I can get a hold of them,'" said Jeri. 

"It was just weird. You know, they talk about the world, how we're just six degrees apart, and I'm starting to believe it. It didn't take long at all."

It also turns out the Hamiltons and the B.C couple have more than just friends in common. They share a love of motorcycles as well. 

"They're super nice people and they're going to be making their first trip to Sturgis [a motorcycle rally in South Dakota] this August. And so I think we're going to plan on getting there and meeting them," said Jeri. 

Jeri and Jeff Hamilton

Jeri and Jeff Hamilton thought a couple from Alberta went out of their way to help them after their motorcycle accident - but their 'Alberta angels' were from B.C. (Facebook/Jeri and Jeff Hamilton)

'Like we're lifelong friends'

Monley and Methot had long wondered what happened to the Hamiltons after their horrifying accident, said Jeri. 

"She said she had really racked her brain to come up with ways to figure out who we were. So they wanted to contact us too, so it was pretty good, it was mutual," she said. 

"We had a great conversation. It's like we're lifelong friends. It was awesome."