A major construction project at the airport has a northeast Calgary resident fed up with all the dust.

Brandon Brannon says the dirt stirred up by the heavy machinery at the runway expansion project is winding up in his house five kilometres away.

"You can clean the house top to bottom and within two days, it looks like you haven't cleaned because the dust is going throughout the house," he said.

Brannon said he has complained to city, provincial and airport officials.

The city does make an effort to water down the dust, but residents are going to need patience, said Ald. Jim Stevenson.

"We've got so much so much construction coming in the next 20 years, we're going to have to eat a fair but of dirt," he said.

The new runway will run parallel to the existing north-south runway.

The $620-million project — funded by the Calgary Airport Authority — consists of the runway, an aircraft parking apron, taxiways, a central de-icing facility and other infrastructure. Construction is expected to completed by May 2014.