As more and more Albertans head to employment centres to find work, one agency is trying to get the message out that there are still jobs for those who know how to market themselves.

"We're telling people keep at it, keep searching, because there's certainly positions available," said Tarina Dueck, senior manager with Prospect Human Services.

Tarina Dueck

Tarina Dueck is a senior manager at Prospect, an organization that helps individuals and employers to more fully integrate into the community and local workforce. (Supplied)

The organization, which has six locations throughout the province, has seen as much as a 30 per cent jump in the number of people seeking job search advice this year compared to last. 

In particular, the agency has seen an increase in the number of individuals who have specialized for years in a single field, only to find themselves now unemployed and unable to find work in their area of expertise. 

"They haven't had to do that before. They haven't had to look for employment, so it's a whole new experience for them," Dueck said.

Her best advice for them is to draw on past expertise to prove to potential employers that they have the qualifications that will enable them to succeed.

"Pull out your transferrable skills. Identify what those are so that you can sell them to an employer," she said.

"The jobs that are out there right now are looking for people who can do multiple, multiple skills," she said. "Be as flexible as you can be."