A slate of candidates running under the name Team Airdrie United is drawing criticism for its connections to the Wildrose Party.

Team Airdrie United municipal election slate

Team Airdrie United is facing criticism after it was revealed that candidates on the slate are members of the Wildrose Party. (Courtesy Team Airdrie United/YouTube)

The four-candidate team is facing allegations it is too close to the Wildrose Party because some of the candidates are party members, which has some concerned over the influence the provincial party would have over slate members if elected.

"At the local level, it's seen to be much more individually motivated and idiosyncratic but it's important to note there is often some kind of partisan interplay going on in the background," said Melanee Thomas, a political science professor at the University of Calgary.

Slate members Jane Anderson and Angela Pitt are both members of the Wildrose Party.

Anderson is also the mother of Wildrose MLA Rob Anderson, who represents Airdrie in the provincial legislature.

'No Wildrose agenda here,' says candidate

Some say the Wildrose Party is trying to field a slate of candidates in the civic election. However, Jane Anderson says that's not the case.

"We have the same kind of philosophy but there's no Wildrose agenda here," she said. 

Team Airdrie United candidates say there are running on three major platforms — getting 24-hour health care in Airdrie, sensible growth and putting the interests of Airdrie citizens first.

They say while some may belong to the Wildrose Party as individuals, as a group they are more concerned about the issues facing Airdrie residents.

There are six seats up for grabs in Airdrie's election next month.


  • It was previously stated that all four members of Team Airdrie United belong to the Wildrose Party. That is incorrect. While Jane Anderson and Angela Pitt are Wildrose members, Kevin Hughes and Mike De Bokx are not.
    Sep 20, 2013 9:12 PM MT