Charges have been laid against dog owners in relation to two separate incidents involving aggressive dogs.

Two dogs killed a cat in an alley in Rosedale in an incident on Tuesday.

“The dogs, a Husky and a Bouvier, had been running at large at the time of the incident," said Abdul Rafih with Animal and Bylaw Services in a release.

The owner was out of town and had left the pets in the care of someone else. They now faces several charges, including two counts of an animal causing the death of another animal. 

Great Dane attack

In the more serious incident in Springbank Hill, a woman and her dog — a Schnauzer — were attacked by a Great Dane on July 29.

They both sustained serious injuries and charges have been laid against a man who was walking the dog and his wife, who was the owner.

They have been charged with two counts of an animal running at large, two counts of animal causing damage to another animal and two counts of an animal biting a person.

The dogs in both case are being held at a bylaw services facility.

A mandatory court appearance is required in both cases and consequences could include fines up to $10,000.