City hall already gives Calgary Economic Development $5 million a year. (Rachel Maclean/CBC )

Calgary Economic Development is asking city hall for more money to market the city as a centre for jobs and businesses.

The agency has asked city aldermen for an extra $200,000 for 2013 and $150,000 in 2014 to fund a campaign called "Be Part of the Energy," meant to market the city as a "centre of business and a career destination."

City hall already gives Calgary Economic Development $5 million a year. The request will be discussed by council next month during a budget debate. But several aldermen and Mayor Naheed Nenshi said Tuesday they aren't convinced they should be handing over more cash.

Ald. Peter Demong says the agency should be able to find the money for the campaign internally.

"I'm having difficulty understanding why you wouldn't be able to change your priorities to such a degree that you'd say: ‘Well we'll focus on this or this in two years after the Be Part of the Energy campaign has been up and running,’" he said.

Calgary Economic Development president Bruce Graham said the agency has already made some internal cuts, and although he'd like added support from the city, he is prepared for whatever council decides.

Mayor Naheed Nenshi said he's unsure the city's economic development marketing needs to be redrawn.

Calgary Economic Development is managed by an independent board of directors. Funded by the city, private industry and other levels of government, the agency’s task is to "influence the economic vitality and well-being of Calgary," according to its website.