The organizer of Calgary's Afrikadey festival says he's still waiting for grant money to come in to pay off the few last musicians.

Organizer Tunde Dawodu says he plans to pay the three or four local artists who say they have not received their paychecks from the August festival on Prince's Island.

"We have a cash flow situation and when the money comes in they will be paid. So, I don't see why, you know, anybody should be making an issue on that to bring this to media," said Dawodu.

David Kabbashi is one of the performers who is still waiting for the money he is owed.

"One of the issues is about the respect and appreciation but at the same time the band performed and I didn't get paid up to now," Kabbashi said.

Kabbashi says he has made numerous phone calls to Afrikadey management, but has yet to hear from anyone.

Organizers of the festival say many businesses have agreements to pay their bills within 60 to 90 days.