Ad calls on Calgary voters to save McCall Lake

Calgarians opposed to the redevelopment of a green space in northeast Calgary are hoping the decision will be revisited during the upcoming civic election.

Civic candidates voice support for 'saving all of Calgary's green spaces'

Calgarians opposed to the redevelopment of a green space in northeast Calgary are hoping the decision will be revisited during the upcoming civic election.

This advertisement appeared in the Calgary Herald on Monday. (CBC)

The city plans to close McCall Lake Golf Course next year because it is running a deficit.

Part of the land is set to be sold off to help keep the other five municipal courses in the black.

But two groups opposing the closure launched a full-page ad in the Calgary Herald Monday.

The ad, in which the words "golf course" do not actually appear, featured the faces of six municipal candidates in next month’s election: Sean Chu (Ward 4), Richard Wilkie (Ward 9), Ian Newman (Ward 8), Joe Magliocca (Ward 2), Kevin Taylor (Ward7) and James Maxim (Ward 11).

Green space important, says candidate

"Granted it has no reflection in regards to Ward 11, where I'm running, but if somebody comes forward and says let’s make a recommendation on removing green space in that particular ward, it also could happen in Ward 11,” said Maxim.

City-owned courses:

  • Confederation Park Golf Course.
  • Lakeview Golf Course.
  • Maple Ridge Golf Course.
  • McCall Lake Golf Course.
  • Richmond Green Golf Course.
  • Shaganappi Point Golf Course.

City officials plan to replace the 18-hole golf course with a mix of industrial, commercial, recreational and green space. A study is underway to see if the proposed plan makes sense and the public will have their say next spring.  

Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi said golf isn’t the most efficient use of city land.

"Just cause not that many people can be golfing at once versus how many people could be say playing in a softball tournament," he said.

But Nenshi said discussions about its survival could be renewed if attendance is on the rise and McCall Lake can support itself.

Golfers lament closure

Golfers say the course is affordable, unique to the area and provides some much-needed greenery.

“There's tons of birds, animals, deer,” said golfer Gloria March. “It's just a little sanctuary all of its own in the middle of this light industrial area.”

For golfer Diane Dorscher, the closure of McCall Lake could mean an end to the sport for her all together because the course has a seniors discount.

“What you can't afford to do is to go onto a $100 green ... some of them won't even take you. So this is the kind of place for me as a senior.”

The ad is sponsored by Save McCall Lake Group and Communities First Society. The municipal election will be held on Oct. 21.  


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