The accused in a High River stolen trailer scam has been known to police for the past decade, RCMP say. 

The man is facing 49 charges after RCMP say he registered and sold multiple stolen trailers to unsuspecting buyers over the course of four years.

The same man was convicted in 2006 in connection to the theft of Dodge trucks and two trailers and police say he was known to them before that time.

RCMP say this latest round of charges comes after receiving information in February about the location of a stolen tractor on a rural property near High River.

The RCMP's Calgary auto theft unit and the High River detachment executed two search warrants on the property and recovered a stolen tractor, five stolen trailers, firearms and other property.

Further investigation led police to believe the suspect had been running a scam for four years. 

Police allege the man was placing fake vehicle information numbers and manufacture information on stolen trailers, then registering them and selling them to unsuspecting buyers.

RCMP have seized at least 15 trailers from possible victims and are still tracking several others as the investigation continues.

The accused is facing the following charges:

  • Six counts of possession of property obtained by crime for the purpose of trafficking.
  • Four counts of alter or remove vehicle identification number.
  • Eight counts of fraudulent concealment.
  • Eight counts of trafficking in property obtained by crime.
  • Nine counts of utter forged document.
  • Five counts of possession for the purpose of weapons trafficking.
  • Five counts of unauthorized possession of firearm.
  • Five counts of careless use/storage of firearm.
  • One count of fraud over $5,000.

He will appear in court in Okotoks on April 29.