Investigators with Calgary's Humane Society have identified a person of interest connected to two recent cases of animal abuse that sparked outrage around the city.

A young Siberian husky and a nine-month-old kitten were found dead  one week apart in an alley in Willow Park in the city’s southeast earlier this month.

Both animals’ mouths were taped shut.

Brad Nichols, who is in charge of cruelty investigations for the society, said the investigation is moving forward — although no charges have been laid.

“We did execute a search warrant on Friday, Jan. 24. Several items were seized from the residence and they are being processed currently,” Nichols said.

He said a tip led to the search warrant being issued, but it could still be weeks or even months before the investigation is completed.

More than $75,000 was raised when Vets To Go put up an initial $5,000 and started a fundraising campaign to offer a reward to whoever identifies the culprit or culprits. 

The group capped the reward at $20,000 and will use the rest of the money will be used to establish a national animal abuse registry and a training program for Crown prosecutors dealing with animal abuse cases.

WARNING: The photos below may be disturbing for some. Do not click through unless you want to view images of the animals.