An overnight phone outage impacting cities in three provinces meant callers could not reach emergency help through cellphones or landlines.

Emergency crews were on Calgary's streets Wednesday night to look for anyone who might need help. Fire, police and EMS were put on notice after 911 dispatches began noticing problems with the phone lines around 11 p.m. MT.

"There was no issue with the 911 system in the city of Calgary," said Bruce Burrell, director of emergency management. "There was an inter-provincial telephone outage that affected the ability to access 911 services."

The outage lasted until almost 3 a.m. and impacted callers in B.C. and Ontario as well. 

People trying to call emergency response services may have gotten a busy signal or a message saying servers were busy.

Telus says the outage was caused by an issue in their network and that they were investigating what happened.