9 Calgary schools to get upgrades, announces province

The provincial government announced modernization projects today for four public schools, two Catholic schools, two charter school facilities and a francophone school.

Projects include improving accessibility, electrical systems and adding sprinkler systems

Infrastructure Minister Ric McIver made the school upgrade announcements at a southeast Calgary school today along with students and members of the Calgary Board of Education.

Upgrades planned

  • Modernizing the vacant Harold W. Riley school building to create an Aboriginal Learning Centre.
  • Building, mechanical and electrical upgrades for Bowness High School.
  • Christine Meikle School replacement school.
  • Modernizing the former Montgomery School to create Foundations for the Future.
  • Mechanical and electrical upgrades for Jack James High School.
  • Mechanical, functional and electrical upgrades for St. Cyril School.
  • Building, mechanical and electrical upgrades at St. Vincent de Paul Elementary/Junior High School.
  • Multiple activity lab at Ste. Marguerite Bourgeoys School.
  • Functional upgrade for Westmount Charter School.

The provincial government announced modernization projects today for nine schools in Calgary.

They include upgrades for four public schools, two Catholic schools, two charter school facilities and a francophone school. 

Officials gathered at a southeast school this afternoon for the announcement.

Infrastructure Minister Ric McIver says the projects will include improving accessibility, adding fire and sprinkler systems and improving mechanical and electrical systems on some older schools.

However, the final price tag for fixing up the nine Calgary schools is not yet known.

"We'll work with the school boards to put the tenders together and once those tenders come back, then we'll know the exact price tag by project," said 

Sheila Taylor, the chair of the Calgary Board of Education, says there is a much longer list of schools that need work but she is pleased some money is coming.

"We're happy to see modernizations," she said. "We're also expecting to see some new schools announced in the next few months and those are really desperately needed."

Taylor says one of the bigger projects will be building a new home for Christine Meikle School — an aging facility which serves special needs students