Calgary Board of Education trustees have approved a three-year capital plan for infrastructure that focuses on what the chair calls a desperate shortage of schools in the city.

Trustees debated the $815-million, three-year spending plan for several hours on Tuesday night before passing it by a vote of 5-1.

Sheila Taylor, board chair, said it's now up to the province to do its part.

"We hope that they'll honour our capital plan, which speaks to the need for new schools all over this city, as well as modernization projects as well,” she said.

The plan includes 23 new schools, and 24 major modernization projects.

Taylor says with so many new communities in Calgary, the shortage of schools has become desperate.

"As a board as an organization we're advocating very strongly to the province to get schools into those neighbourhoods,” she said.

Frank Bruseker, president of the Calgary Public Teachers Local 38, said the situation has been getting worse for a long time.

 “The problem is that our provincial government for many years did not keep pace with the infrastructure deficit that has been allowed to grow to point where it’s now in a critical situation in this city,” he said.