7 things that will cost more in Calgary in 2013

Get ready to dig even deeper into your pocket books for some Calgary services in the new year.
CBC News Calgary has compiled a list of seven things in Calgary that will cost more come Jan. 1. (CBC)

Get ready to dig even deeper into your pocket books for some Calgary services in the new year.

On the upside, there will be no increase to federal income tax rates or the Alberta tax rate in 2013.

Water rates jump by 7.5 per cent

The flat rate for water rises from $62.87 to $67.58 per month on Jan. 1, with the metered rate increasing from $41.91 to $45.05.

Wastewater rates going up 13.5 per cent

Wastewater rates will also jump from $41.09 to $46.63, with the metered rate rising from $27.42 to $31.12 on Jan. 1. The monthly stormwater drainage fee is also going up from $8.36 to $8.77

Some transit passes to increase

Transit fees are increasing in January. The adult cash fare jumps from $2.75 to $3.00. A package of 10 adult tickets will go from $27.50 to $30 and an adult day pass will increase from $8.25 to $9.

Monthly passes and youth fare will remain the same, except the youth day pass which will increase from $5.25 goes to $5.75.

Property tax jumps by 5.5 per cent

The City of Calgary's property tax will increase by at least 5.5 per cent, which will add about $75 to the average homeowner's tax bill. 

The full extent of the tax hike will be finalized in the spring when the province sets the rate for the education portion of property tax.

Recreation rates going up

Swimming at a Tier 1 pool will cost more, increasing from $5.35 to $5.55. 

Swimming at a Tier 2 pool or leisure centre jumps from $6.30 to  $6.55 on Jan. 1, and annual recreation passes rise by five per cent as well.

Recycling, waste fees set to jump

Service for Calgary blue cart pickup will go up from $7.10 to $7.40 and the $4.50 waste management fee goes to $4.70.

University tuition hike

Students are not immune to increases either, as it will cost more to hit the books in 2013 with tuition rates at the University of Calgary going up by 2.15 per cent.