Eating gluten free has become the latest weight loss trend, and shunning wheat is popular even among those who don’t suffer from allergies or intolerances to it.

But for those still enjoying a chewy, rustic loaf, here are just a few of the city’s best bread bakeries — some new and some that have been baking and breaking bread for generations.

The SAIT Downtown Campus


Baked goods from the SAIT Downtown Campus are made by students. (Julie Van Rosendaal/CBC)

Their daily bread offerings depend on student schedules and what’s on the curriculum. Expect anything from a rustic sausage sourdough loaf to delicate brioche and tall biscuits — you can get a great deal while supporting the culinary arts program.

226 - 230 Eighth Avenue S.W. in TD Square, (403) 284-8535

Sidewalk Citizen


Sidewalk Citizen Bakery started in November, 2008 when Aviv Fried decided to bake 10 loaves a week to sell to friends. (Julie Van Rosendaal/CBC)

You can hardly talk about bread in Calgary without mentioning baker Aviv Fried. He started out with bread, and then distracted us with scones and pastries, but his crusty loaves are still some of the best in the city.

5524 - 1A Street S.W., (403) 400-3067

La Boulangerie


French bread from La Boulangerie. (Julie Van Rosendaal/CBC)

Their loaf options are limited to a few French classics: crusty baguettes, sourdough among pastries galore and some of the best croissants in the city, stuffed with any number of delicious ingredients both sweet and savoury.

2435 Fourth Street S.W., (403) 984-9294

Lazy Loaf and Kettle


Parkdale's Lazy Loaf and Kettle bakes their own bread for their popular sandwiches. (Julie Van Rosendaal/CBC)

Great bread makes a great sandwich — they know this at the Lazy Loaf, where their nine-grain Kettle Bread, made using a generations-old recipe, has become a Calgary favourite.

8 Parkdale Crescent N.W., (403) 270-7810

Sweet Home Bakery


Stocked shelves from Sweet Home Bakery. (Julie Van Rosendaal/CBC)

It’s as old-school as they come. Go for square sandwich bread, sheet rolls, hot dog and hamburger buns or Parker House rolls, and bring cash.

7930 Bowness Road N.W., (403) 288-5252

Glamorgan Bakery


Cheese buns from the Glamorgan Bakery. (Julie Van Rosendaal/CBC)

Another old-fashioned family-owned bakery, Glamorgan is famous for their ultra-soft, cheesy, salty cheese buns — you’re lucky if it’s in your neighbouhood, but they’re well worth a pilgrimage across the city for.

19 - 3919 Richmond Road S.W., (403) 242-2800