5 things that will cost more in Calgary in 2014

Get ready to dig even deeper into your pocket books for some Calgary services in the new year.

From ice time to blue cart recycling fees, a few city services will cost more in January

Below is a list of all the Calgary city services that are increasing next year. (CBC)

Get ready to dig even deeper into your pocket books for some Calgary services in the new year.

City council approved the 2014 budget today, along with a list of fee hikes.

While the property tax garnered most of the headlines in the budget coverage, here are the coming fee changes for Jan. 1, 2014.


  • Youth cash fare: $2, up from current $1.75.
  • Youth monthly pass: $60, up from current $57.50.
  • Youth 10 ticket book: $20, up from current $17.50.
  • Adult monthly pass: $96, up from current $94.

Recreation facilities:

  • Ice arena, prime time per hour rate: $241.50, up $11.50 from $229.90 (5 per cent hike).
  • Leisure centre general admission: $11.45, up from current $11.
  • Swimming pool Tier 1 general admission: $5.75, up 20 cents.
  • Swimming pool Tier 2 general admission: $6.80, up 25 cents.
  • Golf punchcard (weekend) Maple Ridge course: $495, up 3.8 per cent or $18 from $477.
  • Golf punchcard (weekend) other courses: $430, up 2.6 per cent or $11.

Waste and recycling fees:

  • Commercial tipping fees: $107, up $5 from 2013.
  • Blue cart fee (monthly): $7.70, up 30 cents.         
  • Waste management charge: $4.90, up 20 cents.

Utility rates:

  • Water:
    • Flat rate, monthly: $72.57, up $4.99 (7.4 per cent hike).
    • Metered, average monthly household charge: $48.38, up $3.33 (7.4 per cent hike).
  • Wastewater
    • Flat rate, monthly: $52.93, up $6.30 (13.5 per cent hike).
    • Metered rate, average monthly household charge  $35.32, up $4.20 (13.5 per cent hike).


  • Stormwater monthly charge: $9.20, up from current $8.77.

With files from CBC's Scott Dippel


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