5 police officers, 2 seriously injured, taken to hospital after crash

Two Calgary police officers have been taken to hospital in serious condition after a crash with a civilian vehicle.

Unmarked van was driving on Blackfoot Trail when collision happened

Staff Sgt. Jim Stinson says the two seriously injured police officers will likely be off work for a while, but will recover. (Rebecca Kelly/CBC)

Two Calgary police officers are in serious, non-life threatening condition after their unmarked van and a pick-up truck crashed in the southeast.

All five on-duty male officers in the van were taken to hospital, as well as the civilian driving the truck, said Staff Sgt. Jim Stinson.

"The two police officers with the most serious injuries — it looks like they’re going to be okay," said Stinson.

"They’ll be off duty for a little while, but they’ll be fine in the end."

The scene of the incident at the intersection of Blackfoot Trail and 19th Street S.E. (Rebecca Kelly/CBC)

The unmarked police van was going west on Blackfoot Trail when, at the intersection at 19th Street, a pickup truck made a left-hand turn and the vehicles collided, according to police.  

There's a traffic camera at the intersection, as well as several witnesses, said Stinson. 

The Calgary Police Service's traffic unit will do an investigation. It's likely the incident isn't serious enough to warrant an Alberta Serious Incident Response Team (ASIRT) investigation, he said. 

"Police work by its very nature can be dangerous. From time to time these sorts of things happen," said Stinson, adding he's grateful the injuries aren't worse.

“We always collect any of the firearms that they had at the time, and in this case they were on-duty police officers so they were armed," he said, explaining what happens in this sort of situation. "We secure those firearms and we take them back to the office."

Calgary police were warning motorists to take note of closures after a serious collision involving a police vehicle. (Calgary Police Service/Twitter )