Paramedics treated two men at the scene, one of whom had been shot. ((Karen Wade/CBC))

Calgary police had two suspects in custody and were searching for a third in the area around Queensland Drive S.E. after a shooting Wednesday.

Neighbours reported hearing shots just before noon, said acting Duty Insp. Greg Cooper.

Paramedics said they treated two men in the 800 block of Queensland Drive S.E. One man suffered a minor gunshot wound to the abdomen, while the other was assaulted, said EMS.

A man who identified himself only as Josh said he and his father had gone to a house to check on his cousin.

"We noticed blood in his kitchen and the doors were locked," he told CBC News.

The two men had been standing at the front of the house for about five minutes when a man bolted out the front door and ran past them. Josh said after his father gave chase, the man pulled out a gun, shot once in the air and then once at his father, who was grazed in the stomach.

"My cousin was in the basement and he's tied up, handcuffed and the house was ransacked," said Josh. "He was kinda shaken up."

Neighbour Melanie Propp told CBC News that after hearing shots, she looked out her window to see a man dressed in black running toward Fish Creek Park, and then heard a vehicle driving at a high speed down the back alley.

Cooper said police have two suspects in custody and are still searching for a third.

Two schools, Wilma Hansen junior high and Queensland Downs elementary, were locked down during the police investigation.

The incident was the third shooting in the Calgary area in 14 hours. A man was shot to death in Chestermere, while a pedestrian was shot in the face in downtown Calgary on Tuesday night.