Alberta law enforcement officers were out in full force over the August long weekend to crackdown on unsafe drivers.

RCMP officers, provincial traffic sheriffs, conservation officers, fish and wildlife officers and commercial vehicle enforcement officers conducted checkstops on and off major highways throughout the province.

Officers issued a total of 5,140 tickets from Friday to Monday:

  • 35 impaired driving charges.
  • 202 other alcohol-related violations.
  • 29 alcohol or drug 24-hour suspensions.
  • 3,556 speeding violations.
  • 38 distracted driving violations.
  • 55 intersection-related infractions.
  • 43 hazardous violations, including dangerous driving.
  • 210 seatbelt or child restraint infractions.
  • 666 violations ranging from having no insurance to driving while suspended.

This was the second long weekend since the province introduced tougher penalties for drunk drivers with a blood alcohol content over .08.

Of the above charges, 881 were laid on the Highway 63 corridor.

  • One impaired driving charge.
  • 22 other alcohol-related violations.
  • Eight 24-hour suspensions for alcohol or drug use.
  • 655 speeding violations.
  • Three intersection-related infractions.
  • Five distracted driving violations.
  • 19 hazardous violations including dangerous driving.
  • 13 seatbelt or child restraint infractions.
  • 155 violations ranging from having no insurance to driving while suspended.

Two new members of province's Integrated Traffic Unit have been assigned to patrol Highway 63, and 16 new RCMP and Alberta traffic sheriffs are expected to be in place on the corridor by early 2013.