A local bookstore in Calgary is closing this weekend after its owner, who subsidized the business, died in July.

After years of operating in the red, 2nd World Books is closing. The owner, Jim Woolwich, had been subsidizing the shop to the tune of about $1,000 each month for the past 10 years — but volunteers say the store just isn't sustainable. 

"It was losing money quite badly and he was subsidizing the store so when he died, that subsidy ended," said Brian Pratt, Woolwich's cousin. "So the bookstore has to close."

Pratt says Woolwich loved books and was too passionate about the store to just let it go. 

For many people in the northwest neighbourhood, 2nd World Books has been a cherished local establishment and they say they are sad to see it go.

"It's really too bad," said Erin Stapleton. "I'm seeing a lot of these bookstores close down, another one of my favourites closed last year ... it's too bad. I love the local neighbourhood places like this."

People can stop by the shop Sunday to choose from the books being given away, or to buy the bookshelves.