2nd man found dead after Seebe cliff jumping outing

Two men are dead after swimming near Seebe on Sunday.

RCMP believe alcohol may have played a factor

Seebe Dam is a popular cliff jumping spot, just outside of Calgary. (Google Streetview)

A second man has been found dead after three men were swimming near Seebe on Sunday.

RCMP had been searching the Bow River, and the popular diving spot, looking for the missing 26-year-old. On Tuesday afternoon, RCMP confirmed they found the body of Christopher Guthrie near Horseshoe Dam. 

RCMP say they believe the trio had planned on going cliff jumping when they found themselves in trouble and went under water.

A 17-year-old managed to get back to shore, while a 22-year-old was airlifted to hospital where he later died. 

RCMP say they believe alcohol may have played a factor.

Cpl. Mel Calahasen says people often under estimate how cold the water can be and that last year's flood has changed the current in the area, making it unpredictable.

"The dangers, first of all, is they have to access through private property for this location," he said. "Secondly is that when you're dealing with a dam situation, you're dealing with colder water that's fed from the mountains."

RCMP will charge people with trespassing in the future if they are found on private property in the area, said Calahasen.

Seebe is about an hour's drive west of Calgary. 

3rd drowning 

Another man died while swimming in Lower Kananaskis Lake, which is about a two hour drive southwest of Calgary. 

That man, 65, was reported missing by his family on July 12. RCMP found his body shortly afterwards.