Two people charged with the murder of Ryan Lane will be going to trial.

The 24-year-old’s remains were discovered in November 2012 in a remote location near Beiseker, northeast of Calgary, after he had been missing since February of that year.

Sheena Cuthill

Sheena Cuthill is walked in to police headquarters after her arrest. Cuthill, the mother of Ryan Lane's daughter, will stand trial for first-degree murder in connection with Lane's death. (CBC)

According to a preliminary hearing report, there is enough evidence to send Timothy Rempel and Sheena Cuthill to trial for first-degree murder.

Police allege Lane was lured to a parking lot on Country Hills Boulevard, kidnapped and later killed by Rempel and his wife Cuthill — the mother of Lane’s daughter.

More arguments will be heard in August regarding whether a third suspect, Wilhelm Rempel, should also stand trial.