2 new lynx arrive at Calgary Zoo

Two Eurasian lynx now call the Calgary Zoo home.

Kazan and Anastasia come to Calgary from Elmvale, Ont.

The Calgary Zoo announced Friday it is welcoming two new lynx. Kazan, left, and Anastasia come to the zoo from Elmvale, Ont. (Calgary Zoo)

Two Eurasian lynx now call the Calgary Zoo home.

Officials at the zoo announced the new additions Friday and said the lynx will be important as the zoo works to help people learn about conservation.

"We are extremely pleased to welcome these two new additions to our zoo," said Jamie Dorgan, general curator of the Calgary Zoo. "As ambassador animals, they will provide another way to educate our visitors about the species and conservation needs."

Visitors will be able to find the lynx in the Eurasia area of the zoo in the exhibit where the snow leopards had been located.

The snow leopards have been moved to their newly-renovated space across from the Japanese Macaque exhibit.

In the wild, Eurasian lynx inhabit western Europe through Russia and into central Asia. 

There are about 40,000 Eurasian lynx left in the wild and they are the largest lynx species.

Kazan, pictured above, is male and almost one year old. (Calgary Zoo)