2 moose removed from Calgary backyard

Two moose wandering through the community of Valley Ridge were removed from a Calgary backyard Sunday morning.

Fish and Wildlife officials remove roughly 10 to 15 moose a year from the city

Two moose siblings were removed from a Calgary backyard Sunday. (CBC)

Two moose wandering through a northwest community were removed from a Calgary backyard Sunday morning.

Officials responded to reports of the pair wandering through Valley Ridge at around 9 a.m. MT.

When officials finally tracked down the animals, they were able to tranquilize them for transport.

A Fish and Wildlife officer uses a tranquilizer gun to subdue the animals. (CBC)

With help from Calgary police and the fire department, the animals were loaded up in a truck to be released in an area near Bragg Creek, Alta. — west of the city.

Phil Marasco with Fish and Wildlife said they get calls for about 10 to 15 moose removals a year, and the animals are more prone to visit the northwest portion of the city because it’s near the Bow River.

He said if residents ever run into the animals they should refrain from approaching them and call police or Fish and Wildlife.

'Temperamental' animals

"Moose ... can be very temperamental," said Marasco. "It’s a big animal and can cause a lot of damage quickly."

Marasco said the bull moose are roughly two years old and siblings who were recently separated from their mother. He said as moose grow older, they become more solitary.

Dave Ripley was surprised to come home to find two moose being removed from his yard. (CBC)

While officials were hoisting the moose up into the trucks, the homeowners happened to be returning from an outing.

"That’s the wildest thing," said Dave Ripley.

"I saw all the trucks and everything, and the first thing you think is a fire, or something serious, then I saw the moose in the back of the truck and I’m not sure what’s going on," he laughed.

It’s not the first time Ripley and his wife have seen moose in the area, something they know comes with living close to the city's boundaries.