Officials at Calgary's Henry Wise Wood High School and Sherwood School are warning students about measles.

Alberta Health Services says one student at each school had the disease, bringing the total number of cases in Calgary to seven.

“The most recent cases were travel related, returning from the Philippines in early April,” said AHS medical officer of health Dr. Judy MacDonald. “They’re linked to one another that way.”   

Henry Wise high school

Students at Henry Wise Wood High School may have been exposed to measles on April 7 and 8. (CBE)

Brenda Land, president of the Henry Wise Wood High School​ parent council, said her 16-year-old son Eaon found out Monday morning in biology class.

"Very surprisingly he texted me today to let me know that the school had a confirmed case of the measles outbreak and that students were being asked to go home if they'd not been immunized or had the measles. And apparently this is affecting some of the teachers as well."

At Henry Wise Wood High School, 80 students and staff have been told to stay home because they have not been immunized or their records can't be found.

At Sherwood School in southeast Calgary, which has students from grades 5 to 9, about 30 students and staff have been told to stay home. They may have been exposed on April 7.

Some students told to stay home

Public health and school authorities posted notices about measles on both schools' websites Monday. 

Letters from the schools' principals says some students will need to remain at home from April 12 to April 29 to prevent spreading the disease.

"We will be providing the instructional support that students need during, and after, the exclusion period to maintain their studies," one letter states.

Parents who had their children immunized in other jurisdictions can bring immunization records to public health officials, said MacDonald.

“If they make that decision [not to vaccinate], they also need to know they have responsibilities. And one of those is when their child is exposed to measles and they are not immunized, their child will be excluded from school.”

Twice this year, Alberta Health Services has also warned of possible measles exposure at Western Canada High School.