For the first time, a Canadian student is being invited to a top high school football game in the United States — in fact, two of them, and they're both from Calgary. 

The players have been invited to Montana's East-West Shrine Game, which is one of the oldest high school all-star football games in the U.S. 

Notre Dame defensive end Carlo Gollatta finished his high school football career with a provincial championship in November, but that doesn't mean he's stopped training.

"Lifting four days a week, it definitely helps you get better as a football player because it teaches you. iI not only builds your strength and your power and all that stuff, but it also teaches you work ethic," says Gollatta

Henry Wise Wood linebacker James Gatz works out after school every day for at least two hours, and then hits the gym with friends on the weekend. 

James Gatz

James Gatz is one of two Calgary players invited to play in a top high school football games in the united States. (CBC)

"It's always been in my dreams to play in front of a big crowd. But hopefully the nerves don't get to me and hopefully I adjust to it really quickly," says Gatz.

Gollatta plans to play at Ottawa's Carleton University next year. 

"I'm going to kind of use it as motivation to push me towards the next level and I think that's mainly what I'm mainly looking forward to," says Gollatta.

The 68th Annual East-West Shrine Game is scheduled for July 19th in Laurel, Mont.