One man is recovering after a forklift accident in southeast Calgary Sunday morning.

Crews responded around 9:30 a.m. MT to the 7800 block of 35th Street S.E. for reports of a forklift accident.

When they arrived, they found the forklift had tipped over while trying to transport a heavy merchandise off of a trailer unit.

The trailer unit was tipped forward as well when the forklift tipped.

The fire department's technical rescue team was called to help stabilize the trailer unit and the forklift, as the operator of the forklift had been thrown off and was injured.

"The operator of the forklift wasn't terribly injured but it was difficult to get him out," said Battalion Chief Paul LeBlanc with the Calgary Fire Department. "After we had stabilized the forklift and the trailer itself, we managed to remove him and transferred him over to Alberta Health Services."

LeBlanc says he's not sure what merchandise the trailer was carrying but that investigators are looking into the incident.