1 arrested at Israel solidarity rally in Calgary

One person was arrested Wednesday night at a rally at the Calgary Jewish Community Centre.

On Friday, violence broke out at a Gaza rally

A man has been charged after being arrested Wednesday night for trying to bring two air-soft gun into the Israel solidarity rally, say police. (Devin Heroux/CBC)

One person was arrested Wednesday night at a rally at the Calgary Jewish Community Centre.

The man was arrested for possession of a weapon.

He was trying to bring an airsoft gun into the Israel solidarity rally, say police.

The suspect is known to police and they say his actions were not politically motivated.

Close to 500 people attended the rally, including Calgary Conservative MP Michelle Rempel.

"We certainly do stand with Israel and its right to protect its citizens from these terrorist activities," she said. 

Last Friday, several clashes broke out at a pro-Palestinian rally at City Hall and on Tuesday, organizers apologized for the violence. 

Another Gaza peace and anti-racism rally will be held this Friday, again at City Hall.