Calgary Flames fire top officials

After another failed attempt to make it into the play-offs, Calgary's NHL team has decided to look for some fresh leadership. The team has fired general manager Al Coates and director of player personnel Nick Polano. As well, neither head coach Brian Sutter nor assistant coach Rich Preston will have their contracts renewed. The announcements were made Tuesday by Flames' president Ron Bremner. "Missing the play-offs for the fourth consecutive season has been difficult for everyone connected with our organization," Bremner said. Bremner says the team has tried to improve its performance and has made some progress but not enough. "It is clear that we need more supporters and better results if we are to take this organization to the next level," he said. The team is about to launch a season ticket campaign that will include higher prices. As well, the Flames' owners have given Bremner the go-ahead to spend more money on talent next year. The new general manager will be hired in June, before the NHL entry draft which will be in Calgary this year.