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Calgary mom of terminally ill boy urges empathy in neighbourhood parking spat

Melissa Huitema says there have been confrontations with neighbours over the parade of care staff who park by the family's home.

'Not good for anybody': Southern Alberta air quality remains 'very high risk' to health

Smoke pouring in from nearby British Columbia continues to deteriorate the air quality in Alberta.
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As a Saudi student being forced to leave Canada, I'm going through the 5 stages of grief

​About 8,300 Saudi post-secondary students living in Canada were left shocked and scrambling earlier this month when Saudi Arabia abruptly ordered them to withdraw from their studies and leave the country by Aug. 31. Here, one of those students shares his story of how the diplomatic feud is devastating his dreams after years of hard work.

'Abuse' found at Calgary nursing home after 97-year-old woman broke leg when dropped

When 97-year-old Tannis Snukal died in hospital, it was four weeks since she'd suffered a broken leg after being dropped by nursing home staff during a bath. An investigation found "abuse" at the AgeCare Glenmore.

If you thought this year was hot, wait until you hear about the global warming 'hiatus' that's about to end

The past four years have been the hottest on record, but new research shows the Earth was actually in a global warming "hiatus" that is about to end — and make the Earth even hotter.

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