The video shows motorcycle riders racing down sidewalks. ((Courtesy of YouTube))

B.C. police say a video posted online of motorcycle riders pulling risky stunts on city streets has them considering criminal charges.

A video posted on the video-sharing website YouTube on June 4 shows three motorcycle riders racing in and out of traffic, speeding down sidewalks, pulling stunts and running red lights.

RCMP Supt. Norm Gaumont said risky riders create a dangerous situation for all motorists.

"This is an ongoing problem where we're seeing young males, traditionally, and even here a female, taking risks thinking that motorcycles are like toys and just there for their own gratification."

Motorcycle fatalities on the rise

Bryan Lowes, the executive director of the BC Safety Council, said the riders show a complete disregard for others.

"Well, it is people who are totally self-centred. They get to have their fun."

Lowes said the number of motorcycle fatalities in B.C. is up 60 per cent in the last 10 years, and 12 per cent of all traffic fatalities involve motorcycles even though they only make up three per cent of the vehicles on the road.

The riders are not identified in the video, nor is it clear where the stunts are taking place, but a sticker for BCStunters.com, a group of freestyle riders from Vancouver, is pasted on one of the motorcycles.

Thor Kaze, the contact on the group's Facebook page, told CBC News the videos are not representative of the group's members.

He said the group gives out thousands of the stickers at events.

However, a video posted on the group's Facebook page shows riders doing wheelies at high speeds on a public freeway.

Police want restrictions for new riders

Katie Marcia, who has been riding a motorcycle for four years and is accident-free, said she would never pull dangerous stunts like the ones shown in the YouTube video.

"I wouldn't want someone to inadvertently open a car door towards me or merging lanes or driving into me because they are not looking for motorcycles," Marcia said.

Police say they are looking at the possibility of dangerous driving charges against the bikers in the video. 

They also hope the province will bring in graduated licensing programs for new motorcycle riders similar to the one that exists for new drivers.