For avid photographers, the partial solar eclipse in Vancouver was an incredibly rare opportunity to shoot a celestial event. 

Jamie Ball set up his telescope camera near West 14th Avenue and Spruce Street in Vancouver, and snapped these photos showing the prominence around the sun. 

Solar eclipse

The solar eclipse in Vancouver. (Jamie Ball)

He also created a collage of every snap shot he took during eclipse, which lasted almost three hours. 


The many faces of the eclipse in Vancouver. (Jamie Ball)

"What's crazy is when you observe it, it looks like it isn't moving because it's so huge," he wrote on Reddit. "Come back 10 minutes later and it will look completely different or will be gone."

Eric Letourneau snapped this photo through a 600 mm lens from his apartment's rooftop in the West End.

Solar eclipse Vancouver

Eric Letourneau took this photo of the solar eclipse in Vancouver. (@eric_of_le)

Many social media users also got creative with their photography. 

Eclipse mermaid

The mermaid's scales are crescent-shaped projections of the solar eclipse. (Jessie Della Vedova)