It was another day, and another epic soccer game in the 2014 World Cup and, for Metro Vancouver-based supporters of the Netherlands national football team, Sunday morning was an emotional roller coaster that ended on a high.

CBC Vancouver's Dan Burritt ventured out to Commercial Drive, where he found a World Cup fan mingler underway at Joe's Café.

Fans of the Mexican and Dutch teams played nice as the two sides battled it out in Brazil for a berth in the quarterfinal. The losing team would go home.

Later, across town at the Manchester Pub on West Broadway, the beer was flowing freely in a sea of Orange. But just after halftime, Mexico scored.

"I'm very stressed right now," one fan of the Netherlands team told CBC News.

"A little bit stressed. Still, I think they will be alright," another said. 

"I'm doing awesome," another fan yelled. "But it would be really good if they could score!  Hup Holland Hup, right?"

Fans wait tensely.

Jordan Kendall, manager of the Manchester Pub, said the World Cup broadcasts have been a boon for bar business across Metro Vancouver.

"I got here at seven o'clock this morning, there was already over 50 people lined up outside. We've had to turn away so many people, unfortunately, but to be at capacity at 9 a.m. — what a treat!"

But there would be no treats for the Dutch fans until 88 minutes into the game. Netherlands scored, and then scored again on a penalty shot.

It was unbridled relief for fans of the Orange, and much respect for Mexico.

"Oooh, we thought they were so done!  We thought they were done," a fan said. 

"It was lucky I think. Lucky," another told CBC News.

"Full credit, they played a great game. They hit us pretty good."

After three tries in the final and not winning yet, the Dutch are hoping 2014 is their World Cup year.

With files from the CBC's Dan Burritt