A mystery woman gave birth to a boy at the Aberdeen Centre mall in Richmond, B.C., with the help of a security guard, and now mall staff are trying to find the new mom to shower her with gifts.

The woman went into labour outside an optical store Saturday.

"That was a very unique, one-of-a-kind experience," Joey Kwan, spokeswoman for the mall, said.

Kwan has spent the past few days trying to reconnect with the mall mom and the newborn, to no avail.

"It all happened in a very quick moment. That's why we are not able to get any information about the lady," Kwan said.

The woman was on the mall's second floor Saturday afternoon when her water broke. A male security guard, guided by 911 operators, began helping the woman through her delivery while waiting for an ambulance.

Firefighters also arrived on the scene to help.

"He couldn't wait that long," Kwan said.

After the birth, firefighter cut the umbilical cord before the woman and her newborn were whisked away to a nearby hospital.

Kwan said toys from mall merchants await the boy, and there will be cake every year on his birthday until he turns 18, whenever they can find the woman.

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