A violent incident in an apartment in the 3300 block of Kingsway has left a woman dead, a child injured and the suspect shot by police.

Police were called to the apartment shortly after 10.30 a.m. PT after receiving reports of a small child crying, a man yelling and blood on the walls of the apartment building hallway.

On arrival, a 33-year-old man challenged police with a weapon, and was shot and injured by officers, the VPD said in a statement.

Vancouver's third homicide of 2014

Vancouver police cordoned off the entrance to a Kingsway apartment block after an officer shot a man who produced a weapon. (CBC/Bal Brach)

A woman with apparent multiple injuries was declared dead at the scene, and a girl of around five or six was taken to hospital with injuries not considered life-threatening.

According to a neighbour, one attending paramedic who described the scene as a "blood bath", said the victim had been stabbed many times all over her body.

Gurinder Sodhi owns a tax and accountancy firm in the next building, as well as units in the apartment complex. He said that the suspect lived in the apartment with his mother who spoke little English.

Vancouver's third homicide 2014

Gurinder Sodhi said the suspect lived in the apartment with his mother. (CBC)

Another neighbour, who lives across the hall from the apartment where the homicide took place, said that the deceased woman was known to babysit her granddaughter.

He said the suspect had some mental health issues.

"He doesn't really say anything. He tries to stay away from people. He won't get in an elevator with you or anything like that."

Police said the suspect was transferred to hospital and was in stable condition.

The incident is Vancouver's third homicide of 2014.

With files from CBC's Bal Brach