Charges have been laid after a UBC student was attacked in her dorm room by a knife-wielding dorm-mate Tuesday. 

Thamer Hameed Almestadi, 18, has been charged with attempted murder, aggravated assault and assault with a weapon.

The victim remains in hospital with what police say are non-life threatening injuries.

Witness Chantel Almeida lives on the third floor of the Salish House residence where the attack took place. 

She says the alleged assailant had been pacing in the hallway before he allegedly entered the victim's room and grabbed her.

Josh Bian

Josh Bian, who lives in the same residence, says Almestadi "had some weird behaviours, but the way he talked to you he was super polite." (Belle Puri/CBC)

"She was screaming. Girls on my floor came out. One of the girls ran in ... and tried to pull him off. Then another girl went in an tried to pull him off.

"From what I know he turned around and pulled out a knife and swung at them and scraped one of their arms. They were freaking out and one of them ran downstairs and got a guy who knew martial arts.

"By this time he had already cut some of her throat. He had her pinned down to the ground, strangling her. Martial arts guy came and ripped him off and had him in a choke position. After that the police came and they dealt with the situation."

No continuing risk to students

Almeida said the victim did not know her attacker, although UBC vice president Phillip Steenkamp did confirm to CBC the assailant was also a resident of Salish House.

"The RCMP has said there is no continuing risk to students," said Steenkamp. "The university has immediately taken action to ban the student who perpetrated the attack from returning to campus."

The attacker's dorm-mates describe him as a stressed out first-year international student who was often seen pacing the halls late at night. 

"I think he really was struggling with his course work because he was always complaining about it," said Salish resident Josh Bian. "He had some weird behaviours, but the way he talked to you he was super polite. I would not expect he would be the one to do such a crime."

Almeida says despite the fact that it's midterm season, many of her female friends did not go to class yesterday or today. 

"Honestly everyone is really overwhelmed and stressed out," she said.