Residents of White Rock, B.C., are without garbage collection and access to community centres on Monday morning, after the city's workers walked out on strike.

The 70 full-time CUPE members plan to picket city hall, which will remain open. But several community centres and the municipal yard will be closed by the strike, including:

  • White Rock Community Centre, 15154 Russell Avenue.
  • Centennial Arena/ Leisure Centre, 14600 North Bluff Road.
  • Kent Street Activity Centre, 1475 Kent Street.
  • Engineering and Operations Building and Works Yard, 877 Kiel Street.

The action follows temporary work-stoppages over the past couple weeks. CUPE says it's trying to put pressure on the employer for better benefits for employees.

The city says it wants to negotiate, but in the meantime, residents will have to deal with their own garbage, according to White Rock's chief administrative officer Dan Botterill.

"At this time, while we still have services that are going to be interrupted as a result of the strike, there's not too much that city hall can do," says Botterill.

Resident and businesses that want to get rid of their trash can take it to the Metro Vancouver transfer stations themselves.

"There still are transfer facilities in Metro Vancouver that you can still utilize," says Botterill.

For those who think the strike could mean free parking, Botterill warns the city will continue to enforce parking and other bylaws.

Police and firefighters are not affected by the strike. Council meetings will also continue during the strike.