Doug Chang has taken one of his greatest passions from the kitchen and turned into a business that is on the cutting edge of culinary pursuits.

He recently opened the store Ai & Om Knives, which not only sells some of the best knives in the world, but also teachers others how to properly use them.

"I think the most important thing is how it feels to you," said Chang. "If you think it feels good and it cuts well than that's the knife for you".

knife sharpening

Doug Chang sharpens one of his knives at Ai & Om in East Vancouver. (Doug Chang)

Chang honed his cutting skills as a chef at restaurants in Toronto and New York City before taking on local rooms like WestBambudda, and most recently, Sai Woo.

Japanese knives are his preference as he says blacksmiths in that country tend to formulate steel that is thicker and sharper.

The name of his store — Ai & Om — is a combination of the Mandarin word for love and an abbreviation of the Japanese term for care. 

He suggests using proper knives for different foods and tasks such as a deba knife to fillet fish and a sujihiki knife for slicing Sunday roast or turkey. 

Chang is also passionate about the art of knife-sharpening and offers knife-sharpening workshops where he can teach industry pros, home cooks, and culinary keeners how to properly care for their kitchen blades.

Watch Chang demonstrate how to use a honing rod to sharpen knives on Our Vancouver by clicking on the link below.

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