For the first time since being created last year, B.C.'s independent police review agency feels there is enough evidence to possibly pursue charges against an RCMP officer accused of causing harm to a civilian.

Tom Campen alleges he was beaten by two RCMP officers at a bar in Creston last October.

He says he stood up and spoke to the officers who were attempting to arrest the woman sitting next to him. Campen suffered serious facial injuries and a broken rib, and was transported to hospital for treatment.

Richard Rosenthal, the Chief Civilian Director of the Independent Investigations Office, said the office has determined that Campen's injuries constituted serious harm.

It's the first time the IIO, which investigates incidents of serious harm or death involving police, has found possible wrongdoing by an officer since it began operations last September.

"This is the first one where I've considered an officer may have committed a criminal offence, so I've sent it to Crown for their review," Rosenthal said.

The IIO announced Tuesday it is forwarding its report on the matter to Crown counsel.

It is now up to Crown counsel to decide what charges, if any, should be laid against the officer the IIO believes was involved.

With files from the CBC's Farrah Merali